One day you will find someone who wants to touch your butt all the time,if that doesnt make you smile idk what will…
At mi amigos birfday. My ass needs be home doing care plans for mañana tho.
Face numb up to my ears from dentist. 2,000 that I’ll have to make back. The one good thing that I just found out was that I got a 86 on my test, class average was 68. I’m backwards with everything in life.


I got ridiculously sick at work. It felt like a migraine transforming into a hangover. Even thought about having to call an ambulance. You know on the commercials they talk about stuff like that, and you think “really bruh life debilitating migraine? Punk ass” until it happens to you. One of my coworkers sung the little mermaid to me, and I made mad money so that fixes things some what. Now I need some sleep.

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What’s your biggest wish tonight?

I wish a nikka would.

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Yin Yang

So I go to my mom’s place for a quick freeloading dinner. And she’s laughing in tears at the news. So I ask her what’s so funny and she says, “It’s horrible a group of kids saw an old man walking, took his cane and beat him with it. I… :laughs: what’s this world comi.. :laughs: ayeee diosss!” I’m so proud of her.

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Trust Is Fragile

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