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David Ezziddine (b. CA, USA, resides Portland, OR) - Transfiguration, 2013 Paintings: Acrylics

People like to surround themselves around those who tell them “It’s going to be ok” but don’t do anything to help them make it ok. Drug addicts love the ones who supply them with drugs, and hate the ones who make them withdrawal.

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And the test proves, I AM the father. :runs off the stage:

The male who assisted in my creation texts me saying he’s in the ER of the hospital I work at tonight. Can’t wait to go through his file to see wth he did this time to get him in there. Maybe I’ll visit him just so that if he’s as intoxicated/high as he is liable to be, the Emergency Department will take pity on him knowing he belongs to me. Lol he belongs to me.

Edit. A broken finger. That’s not too bad.

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So I came home this morning stressed from work and ate a load of dunkin donuts munchkins then half a damn pie of coconut cream cheesecake and as I sat there realizing how enormously sick I was going to get very soon, I ran into the shower to bathe and throw up. The thing about barfing extremely sweet things is that they taste just as good on the way out as they did on the way in. No regrets.

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Just cause I’m sad, doesn’t mean I need to look bad. How to get away with Murder. ;)

Karl Alexander Wilke (1879-1954)Fliegeroffizier, 1913