I mean, I love being right, but not when it comes to my doubts or suspicions.

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El Diablo

Last night basically. 💪🍌🌋💤

Lack of #loyalty. 

Think about it…how can you trust someone who is constantly betraying the one person who trusts them the most. The same individual they claim to love so much yet continue to do things in secret that will cause their significant other, significant pain. Think about it… #trust #life #truth #facts


I am back from Miami and I still have a whole week off. I don’t want to do shit this week but just chill.

I’m working a 7pm to 7am now and another one in two days cause I’m off tomorrow and gonna get hella turnt. Train fallin off the track status turnt. Raging while running down the street shirtless turnt.

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fuck patriotism 
fuck war 
4:30, this hospital bathroom hella dirty.


Jeffrey Dahmer would keep the skulls of his victims, he would also paint them. Here he explains why:

“Personally, I found the skulls somewhat erotic. I could sit and stare or fondle them for hours, fantasizing about killing more people. I really liked the skulls. Plus, I knew that if the police ever found a real skull in my possession, it would be confiscated. The paint was a form of disguise so they wouldn’t be taken.”

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Roberto Ferri
"Heard you was talkin shit bruh."